Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Carpets are they Healthy? What are the health risks of UN-maintained?

Are carpets healthy well that depends on allot of factors.

Most people clean carpets they are stained dirty smelly. Rarely does anyone acknowledge that their carpet needs to be cleaned to protect their health.

Carpet retailers often sell and promote carpets on the basis that cleaning is not required or essential THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

Always listen to the manufactures recommendations Most Manufactures will recommend frequent vacuuming and periodic professional carpet cleaning .The long term benefits of carefully maintained carpets is carpet longevity protection of carpet and promotion of environmental health.

UN-maintained carpet can be a MAJOR contributor to the degradation of indoor environmental quality, especially in relation to air quality.

UN-maintained carpet can expose you to a wide array of nasties such as (fungi, mites, cockroaches and carpet dwelling insects and last but definitely not least bacteria) this can lead to major health problems.

Carpets if maintained properly can have aesthetic benefits, acoustic benefits and HEALTH benefits,

QUOTE FROM MARK BAXTERS (engineer U.S Products), ‘it is fairly well documented that carpets, because they act like a filter and absorb dust and other impurities, actually help protect IAQ.’ (Indoor air Quality)  “But we also know they do this most effectively if they are properly maintained and kept clean, which usually requires the use of hot-water carpet extractors,”


The 2 biggest things to help keep carpets healthy

  • Vacuum ( at least weekly and high traffic area should be done more often also every few weeks spend a little extra time vacuuming making sure crevasses between skirting and carpet are cleaned with detail attachment.
  • Professional Periodic cleaning – recommended a minimum of every 6 – 12 months depending on foot traffic humidity and environment.

Pressure & Steam


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