Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam – Cleaning Services

Pressure & Steam – Cleaning Services

We, at Pressure and Steam, are stringently involved in smooth functioning of specialised services like carpet cleaning and water damage repair.  Our reliable, affable and affordable workforce is entrusted with the responsibility of serving each and every customer with a strong sense of zeal, passion and commitment.

We, at Pressure and Steam, take pride in commanding loyalty from our customers who unhesitatingly deploy our professional services whenever the requirement arrives. We strictly believe in professional ethics and integrity at workplace and thereby treating   customer equally.  One of our salient features is that we use environment friendly products.

cleaning services

Pressure Cleaning

We follow a customer friendly approach and are completely focused upon executing out of the box strategies to retain present customers and acquire a new customer base as well. Our professional services are deemed to be one-of-the kind being backed by latest methodologies and equipments. Our equipments efficiently serve the purpose of fulfilling client requirements in a fast paced manner.

Our carpet cleaning services at Manly are one of the most preferred services in the present scenario. We are actively engaged in domestic as well as commercial cleaning. Our trained and expert staff takes care of the fact that there are no further blemishes or spots on the carpet once it is thoroughly cleaned.

carpet cleaning services


Carpet Cleaning Services

At Manly, our carpet cleaning comprises of a heavy duty vacuum with a motorized power head and every nook and corner of the carpet is sprayed with our premium solution. We also make use of high quality stain removal products which are powerful enough to dissolve hardened stains of grease, paint etc. Our carpet cleaning at Manly also involves high pressure steam spray which aids in removal of allergens, mites, insects etc. Our fine spray of deodorants and sanitizers serves to leave the carpet infused with a fresh lease of life. Highly skilled professionals are rigorously involved in our carpet cleaning services at Manly.

Water damage repair services at Sydney are equally competitive as it involves a large number of specialized manpower to treat defects arising out of water damage. Since it can involve allergies and infections we are providing a 24/7 helpline to counter the problems with considerable ease. We are also involved in timely application of anti-microbial and anti browning treatments. We being associated with water damage repair services, Sydney are continuously involved in regular supervision of drying progress and therefore keep on taking moisture readings from time to time. We also pay attention to spray of deodorants and sanitisers for a refreshing and enlivening experience. Our technicians are persistently involved in drying of floors, slabs and walls and are equally engaged in removing water marking.

Our state-of-the art machinery is a striking feature at water damage repair services, Sydney.  Our skilled staff is incessantly devoted towards rendering effective and unique services in a timely manner. So our customers can count on our professional services and provide their relevant feedback as well.



Call Us: 0433 533 282


Address: 97 Stella St Collaroy Plateau NSW 2097



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