Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Advantages of carpet cleaning

Nowadays, carpet cleaning is preferred more over the steam cleaning method. It is because it takes less time and doesn’t use any strong liquid chemicals.  A motorized powder is simply sprinkled over the carpet which is vacuumed afterwards using the specially designed Heavy Duty Vacuum. For carpet cleaning in North Sydney click here.

The cleaners used deodorizers and sanitizers agents for rapid cleaning and for odor repulsion. Apart from the carpet cleaning, tiles and grout also need to be cleaned from time to time in order to maintain their spark and look. You may clean it regularly or once in every week or in a month, but it is not enough you need to clean your tiles once or twice in six months with a professional cleaner.

Cleaners use a combination of heat, high pressure, agitation and chemicals to remove even the most stubborn mould and dirt from any tiles.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  • It protects you from the costly investment
  • It refreshes the whole area as well as your house also
  • It restores the look and condition of your costly carpet
  • It eliminates bad smell, dust mites, and bacteria

Many people think that cleaning a small size carpet can be done easily at home and no professional services are required. If you think this then, you are wrong. Carpet cleaners are trained and well qualified to handle these types of jobs. They always updated with the latest technique in carpet cleaning.

Another thing to consider with professional carpet cleaning is the stain removal service. Using powerful spot remover, they used the latest methods and equipment for cleaning the stains spots. Most professionals also include an application of some kind of stain-resistant product to the carpet.

Customers have some myths about carpet cleaning:

  • Steam Cleaning will ruin my carpet
  • I don’t need? My carpet is not even a year old
  • It should be harmful for carpet for doing over vacuuming
  • I don’t need a professional, i have my own cleaning machine
  • Carpet cleaning is very expensive

Ask details for the professional carpet cleaners, especially carpet protections, treatments and stain removals.

Why Choose Pressure & Steam?

  • Guaranteed appointment time frames – jobs are booked in 1 hour allotments (e.g.9am -10am). If we’re late without informing you, we’ll take $50 off the price quoted!
  • Clean and courteous work – unlike others, we understand that our work environment is your home. We’ll leave the area cleaner than it was before!
  • Upfront pricing – you should never have to deal with hidden costs. At Pressure & Steam we’re the Carpet Cleaners in Sydney that agree on the price before we start.

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