Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Water Pressure Cleaning – Things You Need to Know

High pressure cleaning has become quite popular to maintain commercial and residential structures. Nowadays, more people are giving preference to pressure cleaning over different other types traditional cleaning methods. Whether it is cleaning of offices, business establishment or homes, pressure is gaining popularity among people.

How does Pressure water cleaning work?    

It is a cleaning process which is usually meant for outdoor surfaces of a building to remove stains, dirt, mildew, mould and other undesirable substances. Pressure water is used in this process and water is forced through a hose or rubber tube with a small opening. The water comes out of the hose at a very high pressure and cleans all types unwanted substances floor the surface.

The water pressure cleaner comes with various components such as a high pressure hose, a fuel or electric-powered motor, a metal nozzle, a heating unit and a water pump. The pump is considered as the most vital component of the cleaner as it generates the cleaning power of the machine. The pressure of the water depends on the power of the pump which is driven by fuel or electric-powered engine.


Advantages of a water pressure cleaner    

There are three basic benefits of using water pressure cleaning in place of other traditional cleaning methods.


  • Cleaning process becomes much easier  

You have to get down on your knees, apply detergent solution, scrub the floor or walls properly and remove debris. These are the basic steps you might have followed with traditional cleaning methods. On the other hand, high pressure cleaner allows you to do all the cleaning work standing and just by aiming the high pressure of water towards the area which is to be tidied up.

  • It saves you precious time  


When you do the cleaning work manually, a lot of time and energy is wasted in the whole procedure of applying and scrubbing of the surface. This is not the case with pressure cleaning as it cleans the surface in the shortest period of time that you can imagine.

  • Environmental friendly    

Water pressure cleaning does not require a detergent or any other cleaning chemical. But in some case when the surface to be cleaned is quite dirty with spots of grease or oil and have stubborn stains, there might be a need for a small amount of detergent. This would help you to get the best desired results without much effort. The heating unit of the pressure cleaner produces hot water, which is used to remove tough stains from the floor or any surface.

A number of cleaning solutions or detergents contain toxic chemicals and substances which are a threat to the environment. With pressure cleaning, this potential harm caused by the toxic is greatly minimised as all the chemicals run down into the drains with the water flow.

There are multiple benefits of using a pressure cleaner, but people often hesitate to buy the equipment due to its high price. What you need to do here is to hire services of a company that provides high pressure cleaning. Northern Beaches is the place where you will find many renowned cleaning companies.


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