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Pressure & Steam

Water Damage-Its Potential Hazards and Dangers

For the past few years, water damage has become a serious threat worldwide. Those days are way behind us, when just by sweeping and drying the area affected by water damage could be considered as properly cleaned.

Water damage is caused by different types of reasons such as leaking pipes, leaking roof, broken dishwasher, broken pipe, improper piping of washing machines, tub water overflow, damaged plumbing, faucet overflow, floods, rain, humidity, moisture and storms. Some of these situations may not sound that dangerous, but if neglected and not treated properly they can cause much problem and high level of damage to the property and health.

Water responsible for causing damage can be divided into three different types of categories. ‘Clean water’ can also cause damage, though it does not pose any threat to your health. The water source is usually from broken or leaking pipe lines, water taps left open and flooding of tubs etc.

The second type of water that can cause damage is called as ‘grey water’. This type has a specific degree of containment. It generally comes from toilet leakages, dishwashers, used water of washing machines etc. it can cause discomfort or sickness if a person comes in contact or consumes it.

The third type is called as ‘black water’ and it is highly contagious, dangerous and unsanitary. It usually comes from sewage water, standing water, seawater and ground surface water. It contains harmful bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, thus causing extreme health problems.

Health problems are the most serious damage posed by water. Sewage, flood and standing water are home for bacteria and mosquitoes. Different diseases are caused by it and highly dangerous for human health. Restoration after water damage is important for the health of your family and friends. It is vital to take crucial steps in time to ensure the safety of the family members and the house from permanent damage.

If water seeps into a building’s foundation, then it will result in some serious weakening of the structure. This happens because of rotting foundations and dampening of the support structure. The building may also collapse, if constant damage is implied on its foundations.

Water damages almost everything that comes in its way like carpet, electronics, furniture, books, clothes etc. every item in your house is prone to damage in situations of leakages, rain, storm or floods. If water enters the walls of your home it will not only damage the wall strength and paint, but it will also cause humidity in the area. You will face much distress because of increased humidity levels and mould may even start to grow on the walls.

Water damage restoration work is important to save and restore the items destroyed. The process includes various steps such as extraction of the water, cleanups, drying, waste removal, sewage disposal, dehumidification, odour control, sanitizing. It also includes cleaning and drying process of carpets and furniture.

The restoration work is quite a lengthy process and requires a lot of effort. It is advisable that you should hire professional help to deal with water damage repair Sydney is the place where you will find a renowned flood restoration company.


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