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Pressure & Steam

Carpet Cleaning How Often You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

Carpet cleaning is an important part of ensuring the environment of your home remains clean. Dirty carpets are one of the major reasons for allergies and asthma, so just by getting your carpets cleaned regularly you can minimise this. It is recommended that you hire professional help to get your carpets cleaned.

Do you remember the last time you got your carpets cleaned professionally? Average a housekeeper gets it done once a year. This is not the best approach when considering the health of your family. The right way is to have it cleaned every 6 months (or if you have smokers or children in your home, every 3 months).

This recommendation is based upon the air quality of your house. Dirt, dander, dust and soil particles collect on the carpet. This affects the air that circulates throughout the vent systems in your home.

For any family members suffering from asthma or allergies, or for the pregnant or elderly, having clean carpets greatly improves the quality of air in your home and enhances the life indoors.

If you decide to get it cleaned every 3 months you may initially think it’s a bit costly but by conducting a little research into carpet cleaning companies in your town you can find a renowned pressure and steam carpet cleaning company to fit your budget. When you find such a company and retain their services regularly, you may benefit from discounts and special offers.

Some homeowners carry out the process themselves. There are many cleaning agents and solutions available in grocery stores. This may seem like a cost saving option but it requires hard work and has drawbacks including the possibility that it will ruin your carpet. Other inherent risks are:


  • Misapplication of cleaners: If the wrong amount of cleaning agent is applied on stains, the area can become bleached or permanently discoloured.
  • Over saturation of the carpet: If an excess amount of water is used during the cleaning process, the glue that holds the fibres can get separated and as a result destroy the carpet entirely.

The quality of the indoor air in your home is affected by how often you clean the carpets. Cut-throat competition has resulted in the creation of unique cleaning techniques which are less expensive.

A number of companies offer complete packages that cover the whole cleaning process. Apart from carpet, various other services may be offered by companies dealing with high pressure cleaning. Northern Beaches is where you can easily find such company.

If you are looking for a company that offers high standard carpet cleaning, Northern Beaches and North Sydney are where you can get in touch with and expert carpet cleaner. North Sydney also homes expert flood restoration companies who can help if your carpet has been water damaged.


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