Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

All You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

Many people often ignore cleaning the roof of their houses. This results in decreasing the aesthetic value of the structure. Roof cleaning is not an easy job and should be left to be done by a professional cleaning company. You can search online to find an expert cleaning company in your area.

With every passing year, the roof tiles of your house have to face the wrath of the nature and if neglected, they start to look battered or worn out. The roof starts to look ugly and old as moss, mildew and tree sap get accumulated on the tiles of the roof.

The majority of homeowners only care about cleaning the walls, floors, windows and doors of their home and overlook the roof. This happens because the roof is out of their sight, so out of their mind.

There are three reasons why you should consider cleaning our roof. Cleaning the roof provides three major benefits:

  • Aesthetic value is increased:      

Moss, mildew, stains and dirt accumulate overtime destroying the roof’s appearance as well as the entire home. With cleaning procedure done on a regular basis, you can easily keep these destructive elements at bay.

  • Early detection of damages:

While the cleaning process of the roof is underway, you will surely find a few small damages that have occurred due to the weather, ageing and other factors.

  • The life of the roof is extended:

After the cleaning process is completed, you can also prime and paint the roof tiles, helping to avoid any further accumulation of dirt and moss. This ultimately results in increasing the life of the roofing material and structure.

Use of chemicals in cleaning the roof: 

Roofs are quite often cleaned by using various chemicals that are spread over them, then left for a short span of time and later washed by a high pressure washer. Professional cleaning companies are fully aware and have deep knowledge about the chemicals to be used in the cleaning process. These chemical products are safe to use, eco friendly and are highly effective in cleaning and degreasing.

Roof Cleaning Methods:

Professional experience and skills are required for the cleaning process of the roof. Following are a few methods which will be used by a professional cleaning company to clean the roof:

  • Initial Power Washing: this is the first step of the cleaning process in which a pressure washer is used to remove the debris, leaves, dirt, insects etc. An expert cleaner will apply on the ridge with water going down towards the gutter. After it is done the roof is allowed to completely dry out.
  • Chemical Treatment: A second round of washing is conducted, but with less water pressure and by using a chemical mixture which is sprayed all over the roof. The chemical enters the small pores on the top layer of the roof and loosens up the debris which is stuck deep inside the roof.
  • Final Rinsing: a last round of final washing is done to remove and rinse of the chemicals and debris. This process is a bit tough and only an expert professional can remove the dirt and stains that have accumulated from years.

An experienced roof cleaning professional can make your house look almost as good as new. The cleaning companies usually cover all the cleaning process in the interior or exterior of a house. Apart from the roof, a company can provide services for graffiti, upholstery, solar panel, walls and carpet cleaning. Northern Beaches and North Sydney are the places where you can easily find a renowned cleaning company.


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