Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Longer

A clean home is quite essential, if you wish to ensure a healthy life for you and your family. Following are a few specific areas where you should put extra efforts to maintain cleanliness.


  • More than 75% of dirt in a house is the dry, tracked-in kind. Place doormats of high quality toothed, bristly material like Astroturf to leave dirt and grit outdoors. Make it a habit to leave your shoes on the porch before entering your home.
  • Dust usually settles down into gouges on floors made by furniture and eventually turns into grime which is tougher to clean. You can place corks by cutting them into disks and then glue these disks to the bottoms of furniture or heavy pottery, you can also stick on adhesive felt pads.
  • Carpets are another area where you need to take extra care to ensure cleanliness. You can hire an expert carpet cleaner who can ensure high quality carpet cleaning. North Sydney and Northern Beaches are the places where you can easily find a renowned pressure and steam cleaning company. Carpet cleaning Neutral Bay based companies are known for providing high quality services.


Wear a pair of white cotton gloves, before rearranging paintings on walls. Natural oils from your hands and dust seeps onto artwork, resulting is complete damage of the colour over time.


Always maintain a reasonable distance between wells and your furniture. Arrange furniture at least six inches away from the walls and don’t flush against them. This ensures that there are fewer smudges from bumping to tend to later. The space left also allows you an easier access to dusty corners that need extra efforts to reach out.


  • Ensure that you keep a small dusting cloth in various handy places throughout your home or living spaces. Put the dusting cloth in a coffee-table drawer, on a nightstand and wherever you can find it easily. This enables you to just grab the dusting cloth and clean the furniture or decorative pieces anytime you notice a dirt accumulation.
  • Choose patterned upholstery as it can conceal dust better than solid fabric.
  • Wipe pets with a dry-cleaning sponge, a microfiber cloth, or a specialty pet wipe. This helps in reducing the quantity of dander on the upholstery.

Window Coverings

You should open and close window and its treatments such as curtains, blinds or shades) often as it will displace the dust settled on the fabric. Don’t let the dust sit-in until you get around cleaning it. Run a dust mop over the floor, when it falls to the surface.

Cleaning Mirrors       

People often buy paper towels and glass cleaners to clean their mirrors. You can also use some vinegar and some old newspapers to keep your mirrors shining as new. A home with clean mirrors looks amazing and attractive.


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