Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

How To Tackle The Problem of Graffiti

It can be seen everywhere, train tunnels, subways, general public buildings walls and in some cases artwork exhibitions. You are attempting to disregard it, however it is everywhere you go. Yes, we are talking about graffiti! Colours employed by artists are usually lasting and needs high pressure cleaning. Sydney based cleaners can help you in resolving this issue. Graffiti cleaning is among important concerns of civil society in Sydney nowadays. Graffiti causes huge damage to public and private properties.

The greatest trouble with graffiti vandalism is that many people not take into account it to be a ‘real criminal offense’. That is a normal assumption, due to the fact that usually graffiti is quite ignorable. And most of us don’t find it necessary to punish the graffiti artist. But defacing of public/private property with offensive messages must be taken extra severely.

  • Reason for writing offensive graffiti

Here are some common motives behind writing graffiti on walls.

  • Gang/Groups graffiti: As the title implies, they are created by members of regional gangs (mostly bikers or young lads). Commonly it comprises of symbols or alphabets of the gang, curses for rivals and names/nicknames of associates. Reasons behind this type of graffiti may be publicity, show of power, glorification and display of authority.

  • Spontaneous: Such graffiti is normally devoid of any specific motive. It generally develops from mischief, boredom as well as anger.

  • Ideological: It is designed to display anger and disappointment against a specific ideology. It could have an intense nature. On the other hand, ideological graffiti is also made to show support to any particular ideology.

  • Artistic: Such graffiti is created for a single motive of conveying artistic & creative expression. Complicated views are expressed by means of graffiti. Getting recognition can be an additional motive behind such graffiti.

Considering graffiti as a felony is determined by various thoughts. How big is it? Do people living in the area find it offensive? Where is the graffiti located and what’s written? By finding the answers for these questions, you’ll be able to determine the punishment of offenders and means of removing graffiti.

  • Steps to take for prevention of graffiti

  • Installation of CCTV cameras for surveillance
  • Creation of neighbourhood watch
  • Identifying the possible offenders and marking the graffiti prone areas in your community
  • You can discourage the offenders by not paying attention to their offence and cleaning the graffiti as soon as it appears on the walls

  • Graffiti cleaning Sydney

Graffiti removing is a time consuming and a bit expensive job. Pressure cleaning in Sydney is the most recommended way to do graffiti cleaning Sydney or any other part of Australia. Professional cleaners bring special equipment which is highly effective in removing even the worst graffiti. Hiring professionals is advisable as they not only do the cleaning job effective, but doing so will help you to save your time and energy.


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