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Pressure & Steam

Top Tips To Extend Your Carpet’s Life By Many Years

Carpets at home are quite expensive and used extensively. However, with time the carpets start looking worn and dirty. The extreme usage reduces carpets life significantly. Fortunately, there are steps that can help to extend flooring’s life for many years. You can also take help from professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore to increase lifespan of your carpets.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that lifespan of your carpets increases considerably.

  • Regular Vacuum

Do not believe any myths or the so called “expert advice”, just keep in mind that carpet vacuuming done on a regular basis won’t damage its fabric or quality. In fact, by vacuuming carpets on a regular basis, you can limit the accumulation of dust and dirt on the flooring.

Carpet cleaning

You might wonder that why so much emphasis is on vacuuming? It stops accumulation of dust and dirt which might get buried deep inside the fabric of the flooring and will become hard to remove by vacuuming alone. You should know that the dust and dirt particles that get buried deep inside the flooring act like sandpaper and damage the fabric by causing excessive friction.

  • Try To Convert Your Living Area Into A Shoe-Free Zone

Dust, dirt, moisture and all other types of debris are carried tho the carpets mainly through shoes. To prevent such situations, simply turn your living space into a shoe-free zone. If you’re uncomfortable while asking your guest to leave their shoes outside then just simply keep an extra set of mats at the entrance. However, no matter many mats you use, shoes will carry dirt inside your home.

  • Get Rid Of Any Spills ASAP!

If you react immediately then almost every type of stain can be easily eliminated. This happens because you didn’t give much time to the spill to get deep inside the fabric of the carpets. If you fail to remove the spill on time then it will require help of professional carpet cleaners in Northern Beaches, North Shore, Sydney and Canberra to remove the stain from the carpets.

Many people assume that they’ve cleaned the spills quite effectively. However, there might be some sticky residue left behind on the fabric that attracts dust particles easily. Later, the area becomes dark and stains appear. This can be avoided to an extent by quick reaction to any spills.

  • Hire expert carpet cleaners

People think that hiring professional carpet cleaners isn’t cost-effective. However, if you make an analysis, you’ll find that regular cleanups cost far less amount than you think. In fact, it will cost you a lot more, if you choose to do the cleaning after long periods of time. Regular cleaning cost less than the ones done after many years. So, hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore to improve the life of your carpets.


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