Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Steam Carpet Cleaning & Dry Cleaning – Which Is Better?

Is there any major difference between the two methods of carpet cleaning – Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning?

There are different ways to clean flooring at your home. You probably utilise a vacuum cleaner to scrub the rugs but skilled carpet cleaning companies apply different types of techniques. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are two techniques commonly used by professional steam cleaners in Sydney. However, both of these techniques have dissimilarities.

  • Wetness

In steam cleaning method, a flow of extremely hot water and cleaning chemical applied deep into the flooring in order to scrub it properly. Then the water is completely sucked out from the flooring. On the other hand, small amount of water, chemicals and solutions are used in the dry carpet cleaning method.

  • Chemicals

Strong chemicals are used in the dry cleaning method and the chemicals simply break down the dirt hidden deep inside the fabric of your flooring. While dry cleaning process is done, the professional carpet cleaners in Sydney might stop you from accessing the place where the procedure is going on. This is done as a precaution, so that you don’t inhale the fumes coming out from the chemicals.

Whereas in steam cleaning, high pressure hot water and a solution is used for the job. As compared to dry cleaning, lesser amount of chemical is used in steam cleaning method.

Steam Carpet Cleaner

  • Tools And Equipment Used

Considering the fact that steam cleansing requires extremely pressurized and hot water jet, the machines applied in this method are a little bit stronger compared to machines utilised in dry cleaning. On the other hand, a small machine is required in dry cleaning method that applies the chemical solutions in the flooring and then vacuum is used to remove the solution which extracts the dirt buried deep inside the carpet. You can use your carpet after a few hours of dry cleaning.

A lot of water is used in steam cleaning method, so the flooring will be a bit damp after the procedure is completed. It will be better to avoid stepping on the flooring for at a day till it dries out completely. This will ensure that no marks are made on the carpet after the cleaning process is completed.

Each of these carpet cleaning strategies perform effectively, but steam cleansing delivers far better results. The dirt is broken by extremely hot water and extracted from the carpet with help of a powerful cleaning machine.

Both of these methods take different time period for completion. You need to choose wisely from these two methods as it may affect the life of your carpet. Cheap prices and time shouldn’t be the deciding factors while selecting from these two methods. However, steam carpet cleaning is considered as a better method by majority of experts in Sydney, Australia.


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