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The Right Way of Cleaning Sandstone in Your House

Sandstone usually is soft, porous and delicate in nature. With time, it absorbs or soaks a lot of water which ultimately results in staining. This is the reason the experts’ advice sealing of sandstone by using effective and high quality protective layer. Attempting to clean up sandstone which is quite dirty, stained, mouldy, or is in bad shape will not be an easy job to do, but by hiring Sandstone Cleaning Sydney based company this problem can be easily solved.

  • Cleaning The Sandstone On A Regular Basis

You should use vacuum cleaner on the sandstone to remove any existing dirt and dust. Utilize a good quality damp fabric or mop and avoid using any type of chemicals. Utilizing a string mop can make the work less difficult because most of the sandstone is either textured or honed. You can apply more force to get rid of all the dirt and grime which is settled on the surface of the sandstone.

If you might want to conduct spot cleaning for any type of marks, spills or stains then you can utilise a soft chemical to scrub the surface. Ensure that you constantly rinse the floor after cleaning down the sandstone. Try your best not to leave the area to dry naturally, and by using a soft towel or cloth you can soak the excess water from the surface.

  • Professional Sandstone Cleaning In Sydney

This is essential in surfaces where sandstone is extremely soiled, but shouldn’t be carried out if proper sealing hasn’t been done on the sandstone. If unsealed sandstone is cleaned or washed using this type of technique, it will eventually absorb an excessive amount of water and develop a number of stains on the surface.

You can use a vacuum cleaner on the floor to remove any loose, undesirable dirt and dust. Try scrubbing compact areas on the sandstone with a stone cleaner chemical which is especially made for sandstone. By using a soft brush or broom you can push chemical into the small pores on the surface of the floor. Use a comfortable broom or brush to operate the chemical into the pores of the grout and stone. Carry on this method till the whole sandstone is scrubbed effectively.

The professional sandstone cleaner will leave some amount of cleaning chemical on the surface of the sandstone and then scrub it properly before rinsing. The chemical is removed either by using a dry cloth and mop or by water. Decision of using a dry cloth or water is made by the professional sandstone cleaner in Sydney, who is aware about the condition of the sandstone before cleaning.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire the best Sandstone Cleaning Sydney based company to get your sandstone cleaned in the right manner.


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