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Funniest Stories While Doing Carpet Cleaning In Sydney

It doesn’t really make much difference that in which industry you work in. There are many funny stories that you come across at your office or workplace. There’s also a chance that you might be a part of these funny stories at your workplace.

As professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, we have been part of numerous such stories while working at different places. Here are a couple of funny stories which will tell you how enjoying carpet cleaning job can be:

  • Story #1 – OMG! Wrong Place At Wrong Time

You may have encountered situations where wrong communication and misleading messages may have created chaos in your life for a while. You might have felt pretty embarrassed while in such situations, but later have had a big laugh while remembering it.

We have a client who works as a property manager and we often go to do carpet cleaning and all types of other cleaning services at his apartments in Sydney. These apartments are either empty or rented by people of different backgrounds.

So, one day we were supposed to clean one of his empty apartments and our expert carpet cleaner went to finish the job. He reached the apartment on time and entered the Apartment #6 as the door was unlocked (the manager has informed us that apartment is empty). To a sheer surprise of our carpet cleaner, he saw a lady standing inside the apartment in a bit of skimpy clothes (don’t want to tell the details!). Our carpet cleaner being a true gentleman simply got out of the apartment after saying tons of ‘Sorry’ and apologies.

It turned out later that the property manager told us the wrong apartment number. We were supposed to clean apartment #7 instead of #6. Our carpet cleaner did his job and returned to our office feeling pretty embarrassed about the whole situation. We had a laugh when we heard the story!

  • Story #2 – From Red To Green

Once, we got a call from an IT company who wanted to get their carpets cleaned. We immediately sent our professional carpet cleaner for the job. He reached there on time (as always) and started the cleaning process. The office was empty due to some public holiday and our cleaner was doing his job efficiently.

He was cleaning the carpets (red in colour) which have been bought only six months back. Suddenly he noticed that the area of the carpet which he has cleaned has simply transformed into green colour. He was horrified as it looked like he has damaged the colour of the carpet.

He unsuccessfully tried extra cleaning agents and put in extra effort to get the real colour back. He stopped his work for a while to think about the solution of this problem. However, after sometime he noticed that as the carpet is drying, it’s getting its red colour back perfectly.

He breathed a sigh of relief and completed the cleaning job appropriately. The carpet looked better than before and our client was extremely happy with the final results. However, we still laugh thinking about the whole situation and the trouble our cleaner has to face in that assignment.


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