Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

7 Things To Remember When You’re Doing Carpet Cleaning

Who doesn’t have carpets in their homes? If not in every room then at least in 1 or 2 rooms we all have a rug on the floor. After a period of time we all plan to get our rugs cleaned properly.

Here are some important things about carpet cleaning which you should consider making the whole carpet cleaning process easy and hassle free.

  • Clean On A Regular Basis

Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis is strongly recommended by experts. If you neglect cleaning the floorings for a long period of time then dust, dirt and grime will settle deep inside the carpet. You’ll have to use a stronger chemical solution to remove this deep embedded dust, and this might damage the quality of the fabric. By doing regular cleaning, you can improve your health, air quality and increase your rugs lifespan.

  • Stay Away From Heavy & Toxic Cleaning Products

You can easily find in the market chemical cleaning solutions that are safe and have low impact on the environment. The problem arises here is that there are many products available in the market which are toxic and can cause harm to people and pets living in the house, such toxic chemicals also damage the fabric of the carpets. Always read the labels before buying any chemical products. Choose mild cleaning chemicals which aren’t toxic in nature.

  • Vacuum Carpets Regularly

Vacuuming the rugs at your home regularly will reduce the number of times you need to hire professional cleaners for carpet cleaning. This happens because dust is not allowed to settle deep inside the fabric.

  • Always Read Carpet Caution Tags/Labels

Ensure that you read the tags or labels attached on the rugs as they explain the details about the fabric and how you should wash it properly. These tags tell the best method and right amount of chemicals you can use for the cleaning process.

  • Try To Keep Food & Liquid Away From Carpets

The worst stains on the carpets are usually made by wine or beverage spills. Even though you might find it a bit hard, but try to eat or drink while sitting away from the carpet. Use your dining table for the eating and drinking.

  • Act Quickly If There’s A Spill

Whenever there’s a spill on your carpet, especially a wine spill then the trick is to act quickly to clean the spill and prevent it from becoming a stubborn stain. Remember, immediate response to any spill will help to keep your carpet fresh and stain free. Read: “Top 3 Steps to Clean Wine Stains from Your Carpet.

  • Choose Professional Cleaning Services

Last but not least! One of the easiest and stress free ways to clean your carpets is to hire professionals who know how to do the job effectively. Remember, carpet cleaning is a daunting task, so better leave it to experts.


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