Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Follow These Amazing Tips To Maintain Your Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture not only looks magnificent and beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain and doesn’t take much time. With upholstered furniture, your home will look beautiful for a long time to come.

  • Always Choose The Best Fabric For Your Furniture

By getting the right fabric, you give yourself an excellent advantage. You can easily make your upholstery cleaning and maintenance work a lot easier by simply choosing the right fabric for the right place. Always choose the fabric which is suitable for your lifestyle and the upholstered piece as this will surely increase the life of your furniture.

For example, for upholstered furniture which gets compressed in areas of heavy usage, you should use synthetic fibres. You can go for fabric which doesn’t have loose weaves or too much texture, in case you have pets at your home.

  • Try Your Best To Protect The Fabric

Immediate attention to spills is surely one of the best forms of fabric protection. When the upholstery fabric goes through the finishing process at the factory, a lot of work is done for you. At the factory, it is usually treated with water and soil repellents.

On your upholstered furniture, additional fabric protectors can also be applied. By keeping spills from getting absorbed into the upholstery fibres, it helps in care and maintenance, but it’s not a substitute for immediate cleaning of a soiled piece. Always follow a timely manner to clean up any spills or stains.

  • Turn The Cushions

By turning over the loose cushions periodically, you can easily extend the life of your upholstered furniture. There can be anything simpler than this technique, which allows even distribution of weight and the cushions won’t get indentations quickly. You can keep the cushions in shape by fluffing them after cleaning is done.

  • Vacuum Regularly

For general cleaning and to remove soil from the surface, you should vacuum your upholstered furniture every week. Regular vacuuming will also stop the dirt from becoming embedded deep into the fibres.

  • Spot Clean

Regular upholstery cleaning does a lot for furniture’s maintenance, still some accidents will occur. Clean spills immediately by using a clean folded towel, avoid rubbing, and absorb gently. In many cases, immediate cleaning of the spills is enough to remove the stain completely, especially when the fabric is pre-treated with a protecting agent.

  • Protect Form Pollutants And Sunlight

Extreme sun exposure can damage the fabric of your upholstery, making it faded and even fray. The fabric of your upholstered furniture can get damaged due to the airborne pollutants like fumes from cooking or smoke.

  • Get Professional Help

Hiring professional upholstery cleaners Sydney is surely the best way to ensure that your upholstered furniture looks good and stays in an excellent condition for a long time. Upholstery cleaning should be performed by professionals every year.


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