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Tips To Remove Pet Stains and Odours From Your Carpet

The stains and odours made by pets on the carpets is one of the main areas of concern for the majority of pet lovers.

Tips To Remove Pet Stains and Odours From Your Carpet

Here are top tips that will help you to eliminate stains and odours caused by your pets from the carpets. Have a look.

Tips To Remove The Fresh Stains (The One Which Are Still Wet):

  • First of all, use paper or cloth towels, or newspapers to soak up as much of the pet’s urine as you could. It will be easier to remove the odour, if fresh urine is removed before it dries from the carpet. Put a towel on the wet spot, and then properly cover it with a layer of newspaper. You can put some newspaper under the soiled area also. For a few minutes, stand on this padding and then remove it. Keep repeating the process until the spot becomes damp.
  • You can use this urine-soaked towel to train your pet by putting that towel in your pet’s litter box or its designated outdoor ‘toilet spot.’ This will help your pet to remember the place where it is supposed to do its ‘business’.
  • After soaking has been completed, use cold water to thoroughly clean and rinse the spot. By blotting or by using a vacuum cleaner, remove as much of the water as possible after rinsing is completed.

Tips To Remove The Stains That Have Already Set On The Carpet:

  • The best way of getting rid of a stain from the carpet is to hire professional cleaners who know the inside out of the carpet cleaning process. You can also rent an extractor or wet vacuum cleaner to remove stains from carpet. It operates just like a vacuum cleaner and is effective and cheap.
  • Once the area becomes clean, you can use a high-quality pet odour neutralizer. Before using any product, read and follow the directions label on the product and first test the product on a small area to see the results.
  • After becoming completely dry from extracting and neutralizing, if the area still looks stained then you should try any other good carpet stain remover.
  • While cleaning urine odours from carpets avoid using steam cleaners. The heat from the steam cleaners will set the stain and the odour on the rugs permanently.
  • Don’t use strong cleaning chemicals, especially the ones that have strong odours like ammonia or vinegar. These chemicals fail to hide the odour of the urine completely and your pets might urinate in the same area again.

Final Thoughts: You may think that cleaning the stains and pet’s urine from your carpet is an easy task. However, it is not that easy as it sounds. For top-notch carpet cleaning only professional cleaners are suitable for the job.


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