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Pressure & Steam

DIY Tips For Leather & Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Before trying DIY (Do It Yourself) upholstery cleaning in Sydney, find out the sort of material or fabric you’re planning to clean. Before using any soap or cleaning chemical on your sofa upholstery, check the liquid on a small hidden portion of the couch. Select a hidden corner or the rear portion of the furniture which is not usually visible. The check can tell if the upholstery colour can fade or if the solutions might produce a new stain.

A smart tip to recollect is to avoid wetting the material excessively to allow the upholstery dry quickly. The wetter the material, longer it will take to dry which can result in making it open to moulds and mildew issues. Here are some tips for DIY upholstery cleaning in Sydney. Keep in mind these tips to clean a different variety of upholstery made of different materials.

  • Cleaning Upholstery Made Of Fabric

Make a mixture of one teaspoon dish soap in one cup of water. If you’re planning to clean delicate and fragile cloth, then utilise a soft cleaning material like a towel or tissue, soaked in the solution and slowly blot the dirt out of the material. If you’ll clean an additional sturdy variety of fabrics, then utilise a special upholstery cleaning brush to wash the material. When applying the soap, a dry white cloth should be used to remove the soap.

  • Removal Of Stain From Fabric Upholstery

Combine one teaspoon detergent with one cup water. Use a clean white cloth soaked in that mixture to get rid of majority of stains. In case the stain will not flee, use a stronger stain removing solution by combining one-third cup white vinegar with two-third cup water to remove the stain out. One more stain removal solution is a mixture of half a cup water and one tablespoon ammonia. After cleaning, rinse of the stain removal mixture with a water soaked sponge.

  • Cleaning Upholstery Made Of Leather

You’ll be able to obtain a leather cleaning solution at any store near you or make your own by combining one cup white vinegar and two cups of linseed oil. Use this mixture on your leather upholstery with a clean white towel. Slowly rub the leather surface by making circular motions. Allow the solution to stay for around 10 minutes and then rub the surface with another clean white cloth until the leather starts shining.

  • Removal Of Stain From Leather Upholstery

Soak a cotton swab with some strong cleaning solution and rub it gently on the stain until it’s removed from the leather surface. Use a blow dryer to dry that specific area. Repeat this step to ensure that the stain is removed completely and your leather upholstery becomes spotless. Use this tips for Upholstery cleaning in Sydney to make your furniture look like brand new.


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