Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

Hot Pressure Cleaning vs. Cold Pressure Cleaning – Who’s The Ultimate Winner?

Thinking about hiring professionals for cleaning different areas in your home? Have you ever thought about hot water& cold water pressure cleaning? If yes, then what’s better – hot water pressure cleaning or cold water pressure cleaning? Let’s find out which one is the ultimate winner.


You can categorise pressure washers in a few different ways – electric, gas-fuelled, commercial or residential. There is one more classification – hot & cold water pressure washers. Aside from the water temperature they utilise, they vary in a few different areas also. Obviously they both have their upsides and downsides, and having better knowledge about them will assist you in making a better decision. How about we check how they go against each other.


  • Cold Water Pressure Cleaning


Cold water presser washers are the most popular and highly reviewed machine. There are a lot of reasons why they are so popular, yet the most obvious reason is likely that, when compared with hot water pressure washers, they are less expensive and easier to use particularly electric models.


Likewise, cold water pressure washers are significantly more practical because of their small sizes, which make them simpler to move around.  While considering maintenance, you’ll find that even gas-fuelled pressure washers are a lot simpler to maintain than the hot water machines.


To remove dirt and grime from the surface which you want to clean, cold water pressure units depend on the mechanical force provided by a pressurised water jet. This mechanical force generated by the jet is generally enough to remove the most impurities, but these machines are less proficient when it’s about getting rid of greasy or oily stains that are common on hard surfaces, for example, garage floors, driveways and pavements. The utilisation of special cleaning chemicals assists a bit on some of the less intense stains, but grease and oil are too stubborn for cold pressure washers to remove.


Cold water pressure washers depend on high-pressure water jets to get rid of dirt. The washer is more effective and powerful, if it has a higher PSI number. Hot water pressure washers fail to exert such a high amount of pressure when compared to their cold washing counterparts. However, they have different qualities and features, so it’s time to check the hot ones!


  • Hot Water Pressure Cleaning


To explain the power and effectiveness of hot washer pressure cleaners can be understood with examples. To help you out, here’s one – Have you ever done dishwashing? People who do dishwashing on a regular basis are aware that using hot water makes their job a lot easier in removing greasy food items from the dishes. The same logic goes with hot water pressure washers that remove greasy or oily and other stubborn stains quite easily due to the high water temperature.


But why do you think that hot water will be effective on hard surfaces? Let’s discuss that also.


To understand the science behind the success of hot water pressure washing, we need to discuss the process from the molecular point of view. When heated at a temperature of more than 100C, water molecules break away from their bonds and that results in steam. It is generally the same logic with molecules of oil and grease. There’s an increase in the energy levels as the temperature increases and the molecules break away from the surfaces they’re stuck in.


Similarly, hot water power washers also utilise the force of pressurised water to remove the grease and oil from the surface. Then, utilising special cleaning solutions separates the oil and grease bonds at a molecular level. This will make the pressure cleaning in Sydney a lot easier task.


Like we said before, pressure washers that use hot water can deliver steam, which proves to be truly convenient if you need to get surfaces clean and germ free. Of course, a high pressure and hot water combinations are far more effective than steam. You might even see that compared to gas-powered pressure washers, hot water pressure washers have a lesser PSI.


While considering cons of hot water pressure cleaning in Sydney, you won’t find many, but some people might find its bulky size a bit annoying. Due to their complex designs, these washers are big and bulky and a bit tougher to maintain. These are also a bit costly than their hot washing counterparts.


The Winner: Both types of washers are winners! Why? That’s because we need both types of pressure washers in different types of cleaning. It’s better to take advice from a professional to find out which one suits your requirements.


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