Pressure & Steam

Pressure & Steam

How To Survive The Storms? These Tips Will Help!

It is being reported that South Australia is experiencing the wildest weather in decades. That’s an issue of concern as you need to brace yourself to face the extreme adverse weather conditions effectively.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you to prepare for the storm in advance.


  1. Ensure that you have enough warm clothes and cover yourself properly all the time.
  2. Arrange some extra coats or blankets that will keep your body warm.
  3. Get rainy and winter wears such as socks, boots, gloves and hat.

Food And Water Stocks

  1. Amid crisis circumstances, normally you cannot move out, so stocking enough food and water at home is an unquestionable requirement.
  2. Ensure that the food you stock is ready to eat.
  3. The food should be able to last long and should not require refrigeration for preservation.
  4. Choose canned food, powder milk, instant noodles and some candies also.
  5. Don’t forget to carry a few utensils, scissors and can/bottle openers.
  6. Remember, if the storm becomes too terrible, the roads become flooded, so you won’t be able to move out to get the basic supply for the house.
  7. Store enough water bottles.

Keep Water For Daily & Basic Chores

  1. In storm situations obviously there would be no electricity for the water supply to work effectively.
  2. Store a good amount of water for basic requirements like toilets, washing etc. avoid taking bath as it will waste water during the storm.
  3. Keep the water covered so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Don’t Forget To Keep An Emergency Medical Kit

  1. Ensure that you have medical kit or even a first aid box for emergency situations and check if the medicines haven’t expired.
  2. Ensure that the medical kit has contents such as disinfectants, bandage, cotton balls, medicated plasters, all prescribed medicines you’re taking currently.
  3. Ensure that you keep a medical kit in your vehicle also.
  4. Additionally, get extra stock of medication which is critical for your health or a family member’s health.

Different Sources Of Light

  1. Amid the storms one must not hope to have enough electrical supply or even there might be a complete blackout.
  2. You should have adequate sources of light available such as flashlights, emergency lights, batteries, candles, match boxes, and so on. Don’t forget to stock additional matches and the batteries.
  3. To stay in contact with the most recent news and climatic conditions, ensure to keep a battery operated radio. Different news channels would keep a close eye on the conditions and situations in your area.

Make Prior Arrangements To Deal With Water Damage

  1. In case of water damage, you need to find and call the best company that offers services for water damage in Sydney.
  2. Remember, no one can deal with a water damage situation like professional cleaners.
  3. Storms will bring floods, which might result in water damage in your home.
  4. Keep all your valuable items in a safe & higher place. Remove all the electronic gadgets from the ground. Ensure that electricity supply doesn’t come in contact with water.

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