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Pressure & Steam

Do’s & Don’ts Of DIY Tile Installation

We all know that the procedure of installing tiles is known as tiling. You need to take extra caution while tiling your home whether you are doing it for the first time or have done it before.


So we have collected a few tips on what you have to DO and what you DON’T have to do while DIY tiling in your home.




1. Properly Asses/Measure The Room Where You Would Do Tiling


The trick here is to assess and measure the room accurately so you can evaluate the number of tiles you have to purchase. Try to get the correct numbers of tiles you’ll require to cover the entire room considering the accurate measurements. Buy a few additional tiles also since you never know what number of tiles would be shortened and some may unintentionally get broken. It’s alright if you’ve purchased many additional tiles since you can store and have them replaced with the broken ones whenever required.


2. Make A Checklist Of The Materials, Tools And Equipment You’ll Require


You can search online to find the list of things that you’ll need while installing the tiles in your home. Yet, just in case you don’t have full confidence on the online content, then find a suitable tile sealing and installation company based in Sydney for the best advice.


3. Figure Out The Kind Of Tiles That Will Utilise


If you’re planning to install tiles in your washroom, then buy tiles that come with a no-slip feature. However, it’s not so important if you’re tiling kitchen wall and backsplashes. For kitchen, polished tiles will be a better option.


4. Utilise Tile Spacers


Tile spacers are actually tiny plastic bits utilised to space tiles symmetrically and appropriately. By doing layout and spacing of the tiles utilising tiles spacers will eventually prove helpful in every area. You’ll get perfectly lined up tiles that are fitted equally apart from each other.




1. Don’t Walk On The Tiles Before The Cement Or Adhesive Dries Out


Remember, your patience will deliver amazing results to you. Don’t be tempted to walk on the newly installed tiles before the adhesive or cement dries out completely. You might end up doing the whole installation again just because you haven’t waited long enough.


2. Don’t Buy Hastily


While doing the shopping for the tiles, first shortlists a few designs and then choose from them. Think if the tile you’re planning to buy for your kitchen or bathroom is going to match its surroundings.


3. Don’t Forget To Check The Sealing Capacity Of The Tiles


Some tiles manufacturers offer pre-sealed tiles, while other don’t. You can get help from a tile sealing Sydney based company for more info about different kinds of tiles and how sealing can be done before tiling.


4. Don’t Ignore Water Damage


While tiling, if you come across an area where water damage is present, then repair the damaged area before covering it with tile. If you don’t have much knowledge in this field, then it’s better to hire a tile cleaning Sydney based firm that offer complete tile installation, sealing and cleaning services.


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